Vehicle Financing and Leasing


Our dealership has a dealer plan lending centre and employs Financial Services Managers whose primary function is to arrange your vehicle financing as soon as you make the decision to purchase a vehicle. Our Financial Services Managers are trained automotive lenders that put their skills to work as vehicle loan “brokers”. We are proud to work with numerous chartered banks to get you the best possible financial outcome.


Cash VS. Loan

What you should know about paying for a vehicle with cash.


You are depleting a large sum of money from your savings or investments when you pay cash for a vehicle that could be needed for emergencies at a later date. Paying cash for a vehicle depletes money from your savings which may limit your investment opportunities in the future. Keep in mind that paying cash for a vehicle will not allow your credit rating to flourish, having a positive rating is essential for borrowing money for things like lines of credit, mortgages, credit cards, etc.


May be penalties for cashing out investments

Loss of emergency funds

Lost opportunity for inexpensive life and disability loan insurance

Lost opportunity for investment

Lost opportunity to pay down a mortgage

No credit rating established